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National Dental Care + Australian Unity

Australia's largest network of dental practices uses Insites for their online presence and management of clinic locations.

National Dental Care


National Dental Care is an Australia-wide network of dental practices. We have one goal: to set the benchmark in providing Australians with superior dental services, underpinned by a strong culture of ongoing training and clinical improvement.

content management

Dynamically driven content

As a leader in their industry, National Dental Care has a lot of content to manage and keeping it all organised and structured is made all the bit easier through the no code database builder.

With constant updates to the website, NDC also take full advantage of Insites staging instances to perform their User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Content Management
Locator App

Managing locations throughout the network with ease

With a network of over 70 locations, multiple booking systems, different service offerings, staff profiles and payment options, managing each location is handled by the Insites locator easily and efficiently.

Built in enquiry management and store locator functionality, users are able to quickly find their closest location.

forms + notifications

Managing online forms and email notifications

National Dental Care is constantly growing their network and partnerships. Enquiries are received through form submissions and email notifications are sent to the user, along with workflows to the relevant staff members.

Insites Notifications


Users are able to see a variety of reports of their courses. Courses can be enrolled in, and then taken, from which the result will be a Pass or a Fail with detailed information for the course. A complete breakdown of each answer is provided along with relevant information of where to find applicable information is provided.

CPD Ratings

Each program is CPD rated. CPD ratings display in the course details for each module and a CPD certificate is available to download or print on successful completion of a module.

User Profiles

Upon signing up to the LMS each user is created with a profile within the Campus and is able to update their information or imagery. Their profile shows the certifications they have successfully undertaken and the number of CPD points they have earnt within the prior twelve months.


Each course within the LMS is independently audited by an external agency and provided a CPD rating. Upon successful completion of the course, each user is dynamically created a PDF Certificate which they can save and print if required

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