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Managing customer relationships.

Insites CRM
Insites CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that enables you and your organisation to manage relationships with potential and active customers, suppliers, and other third parties. It allows you to keep track of interactions and activities such as leads, sales, and customer support.

Checklist of Benefits

By using Insites to create database driven content you can publish more, improve SEO, generate revenue and capture leads. All from one place.

Publish more content, faster with unlimited users, groups and permissions

Supercharge your marketing with integrated contact forms and CRM

Generate revenue from your content with membership-only paid content

Get amazing search rankings with database driven, search optimised website content

Publish content to anywhere with an integration to Zapier and over 2000 other apps

Capture user generated content with secure publishing areas for your users

Insites CRM
Insites CRM
Insites CRM
Insites CRM
Insites CRM

List of Features

Insites comes with amazing functionality, right out of the box.

Contact Relationship Management

Use Insites' integrated CRM to view contact details for your customers, view their history, add notes and update custom statuses

Company Activity Feed

If you are a B2B business, you can create an Activity Feed at the company level. This will allow you to see a holistic view of an entire organisation in one place

Contact Activity Feed

If you are a B2C business, you can create an Activity Feed at the contact level. This will allow you to see a holistic view of each individual customer in one place.

Simple user interface to record activity

Manually add notes, calls, emails, meetings and events to Company or Contact records

Integrated Forms

You can create unlimited forms to embed in your website or application. When a form is submitted, a contact is automatically created and their activity feed updated

Case Management

Use the Integrated CRM to turn form submissions into individual cases and assign them to the right person to handle.

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