Create and manage all of your instances in a centralised management console

Insites Console

Central management console for all your instances

centralised management

Manage all of your instances in one place

Experience the power of centralised management as you effortlessly handle software updates, configurations, and user access, ensuring seamless operations across your organisation.

Insites Console
Insites Console

Consolidated billing

Gain a clear overview of all your charges in one convenient place, enabling better financial planning and decision-making.


User management

Invite your team and collaborate on projects together with granular user access control. With multi-level permissions and detailed audit logs, you can ensure that only the people who need access, have access.

Insites Console
Insites Console


Choose from the ever increasing array of ready made applications, templates, functions, integrations and downloads.


Insites partner directory

Need a hand taking your efforts to the next level? Discover trusted partners in our global partner community. Whether you’re looking for a strategic consultation or full-service execution, you’ll find the right fit here.

Insites Console

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