Case studies


Dulux partnered with an Insites expert to create a mobile and web application for their residential and trade customers to assist in the quality assurance process.

Dulux Painter


Dulux is part of DuluxGroup, which was established in Australia more than a century ago and is a leading marketer and manufacturer of premium branded products that enhance, protect and maintain the places and spaces in which people live and work.

Client portals

User Portals and Permissions

Dulux has multiple clients with varying degrees of requirements and needed to create a secure portal and experience for each one, whilst also ensuring security is paramount and they only have access to their data through the use of profiles.

Client Portal

Custom Dashboards + Reports

On location painters utilise the Progressive Web Application (PWA) to enter information about the job along with detailed photos of the work.

The data is uploaded securely via API to an Insites database. Customisable reports were created with the help of Insites components to speed up development.


Secure and robust databases

The changing needs of each individual client meant that new forms and databases are constantly being created.

The flexibility of the Insites database manager allows Dulux to create additional quality assurance reports quickly and easily utilising the no code form builder.



Users are able to see a variety of reports of their courses. Courses can be enrolled in, and then taken, from which the result will be a Pass or a Fail with detailed information for the course. A complete breakdown of each answer is provided along with relevant information of where to find applicable information is provided.

CPD Ratings

Each program is CPD rated. CPD ratings display in the course details for each module and a CPD certificate is available to download or print on successful completion of a module.

User Profiles

Upon signing up to the LMS each user is created with a profile within the Campus and is able to update their information or imagery. Their profile shows the certifications they have successfully undertaken and the number of CPD points they have earnt within the prior twelve months.


Each course within the LMS is independently audited by an external agency and provided a CPD rating. Upon successful completion of the course, each user is dynamically created a PDF Certificate which they can save and print if required

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