All the foundations you need, so you can focus on what matters.

Insites is designed to offer you out of the box functionality to give your application a head start whilst giving you unlimited flexibility. No more bloat, or messy workarounds. We provide you with the foundations, so you can focus on creating a custom and memorable digital experience for your audience.

One platform, unlimited possibilities.

Stop using multiple software tools and systems with costly subscriptions and integrations to manage. Set up staging and production instances in minutes and deploy faster than ever before.


Store all of your customer and supplier information in one place. No more out-of-date spreadsheets and multiple places to look.

View ecommerce orders, form submissions and link to third party systems.

Insites Platform
Insites Platform


Build databases for all your business information, in any data structure you need.

Connect your databases to third party tools via API so your data will always be up to date.

Custom interfaces give your team the information they need, in the format they need it.

Insites Platform


Sell products and services online with secure payment handling. Create total ecommerce solutions with shopping carts and discount codes, or set up recurring subscriptions for products/services or access to secure zones.

Allow your customers to pay their bills online and integrate with various payment gateways such as Stripe, Afterpay and Klarna.

Insites Platform
Insites Platform

Asset Storage

Store and link to any digital asset without requiring third-party subscriptions for tools like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Organise your documents, images, PDFs, video and audio files in one secure location.
Create custom portals to allow authenticated audiences to access and upload files.


Create forms to collect information from prospects, employees and customers with built-in spam protection.

Streamline your operations with workflow notifications (email and SMS) to staff or utilise APIs to integrate with 3rd party tools.

Insites Platform


Log all of the conversations and contact you have with your clients and suppliers to create a single, unified timeline of activities.

You can also ingest activities from third-party software tools to have a complete 360-degree view of your customers and suppliers.


Plan, manage and track your team's tasks in one place.

Create and assign tasks manually, via a workflow or API to kick-start action.

Keep clients, teammates and leadership on the same page with real-time collaboration.

API Access

Connect third-party tools and software to Insites through powerful and customisable APIs to extend functionality or optimise your business operations.

We integrate with automation tools like Zapier and Make, and marketing platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Sendgrid and Klayvio. Along with finance tools Xero and Stripe.

Secure Zones

Make secure custom portals to give access to approved groups of contacts like employees, members or clients.

Provide engaging user experiences with intranets, paid membership platforms, gated content or client portals.

Give members options with free, invite-only or paid subscription tiers.

Insites Platform

Custom APIs

Create custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to integrate external tools and systems with your application's data and functionality in a standardised way.

Easily set up and specify the input and output parameters for each endpoint, as well as handling authentication and authorisation.


Manage your networks data and information from a central location, and create interactive store locators with advanced enquiry management.

Showcase a unique listing for each location with enquiry notifications, infinite design flexibility, SEO optimisation and API integrations.

Insites Platform


Manage your enquiries and data updates through an intelligent case management system. Assign cases to staff members and keep them up to date with statuses and comments.

Cases are created when a user submits a form or an administrator modifies your instance's data. With configurable filters, you can ensure you stay up-to-date and have actionable insights.

Insites Platform


Create a beautiful and engaging website or high-converting landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Remove the need for additional platforms like WordPress, Hubspot, Unbounce or Leadpages and host the pages on your domain with no-limits design and functionality.

Insites Platform

Version Control

Connect your instance to your git repository to keep track of all your development changes.

Support for GitHub and AWS CodeCommit with individual user access and commit comments, keep you in the know of who made what changes, when and why.

Insites Platform


Get started quickly by utilising premade Apps and Templates from the Insites Marketplace.

Choose from websites, document repositories, company intranets, event registrations, quality assurance applications, platform boilerplates, and so much more.

Install one app or many, then customise them to suit your requirements.

Insites Pipeline


The Insites visual sales pipeline simplifies customer relationship management by enabling you to track leads, identify opportunities, track key activities, streamline sales workflows, and focus on sales success.

Automated reminders and follow-ups boost your productivity by eliminating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Real-time reports inform your sales representatives and sales managers about which business processes to prioritise.

Insites Workflows

Workflows (Coming Soon)

Insites simplifies automation by enabling businesses to connect disparate systems and build custom workflows across cloud and on-premises applications.

Insites can recognise certain events and triggers using advanced features such as machine learning and natural language processing to automate difficult procedures and boost productivity.

Templates to get you started

Choose from websites, document repositories, company intranets, event registrations, quality assurance applications, platform boilerplates, and so much more...

Insites Platform

Use your frontend technology of choice

Every framework has its own features and advantages. Insites integrated with every framework so that you can choose the best fit for your organization.

Insites Front End Technology
Insites Front End Technology
Insites Front End Technology
Insites Front End Technology
Insites Front End Technology