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Insites enables you to upload and manage files such as images, and documents using Assets

Insites Assets
Using assets, you can submit and handle items such as images, documents, and music. These can be used anywhere on your web application, such as in displaying images in an article or keeping documents in a library for clients to download. 

Checklist of Benefits

By using Insites to create database driven content you can publish more, improve SEO, generate revenue and capture leads. All from one place.

Publish more content, faster with unlimited users, groups and permissions

Supercharge your marketing with integrated contact forms and CRM

Generate revenue from your content with membership-only paid content

Get amazing search rankings with database driven, search optimised website content

Publish content to anywhere with an integration to Zapier and over 2000 other apps

Capture user generated content with secure publishing areas for your users

Insites Assets
Insites Assets
Insites Assets

Used by

Many different roles and industries use Insites to create Store Locator Apps. Here are just a few that we have helped

Content Publishers

Content Aggregators

Membership Websites

SEO Experts

List of Features

Insites comes with amazing functionality, right out of the box.

Seamless adding asset

Take full control of your web application by using assets that are uploaded directly to your Instance. This eliminates your dependence on external sources and gives your application stability when these external sources are updated, deleted, or move to a different address on the internet.

Preview panel

In the Preview pane of a Finder window, you get a small view of what a document contains or an image looks like, and a comprehensive list of all the metadata for the file.

Arranging the files and folders hierarchically

Organizing files and folders hierarchically entails dividing them into parent and child folders, resulting in an organized system that makes managing large quantities of data simpler. This can decrease storage utilization, avoid duplication, and enhance backups and restores.

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