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As a leading parcel delivery company with over 800 franchise partners, CouriersPlease gets a lot of emails and phone calls to their support centre, so they leveraged Insites to create a customer focused Help Centre and dynamic sales pages.

Insites Case Studies


CouriersPlease is a franchised ecommerce and parcel delivery expert with a 40 year history of success, delivering over 30 million parcels for 26,000+ customers.

content management

Efficiently manage content

Delivering over 30 million parcels a year sure does create a lot of questions. CouriersPlease wanted to reduce the number of calls and inquiries to their support centre and teamed up with an Insites expert to create a help centre so users could self manage common enquiries.

Utilising the database manager was critical to creating FAQs and structured content that is easily managed through the Insites Instance Admin.

Content Management
forms + databases

Capturing crucial user data

CouriersPlease is constantly attending events and needed a way to quickly capture user details at their stands. Utilising the Insites no code form builder they were able to quickly create custom forms for their sales people to use on tablets.

Using the power of forms, databases and the CMS they are able to constantly capture the details of new drivers, partners and franchisees and store them in the integrated CRM.

case management + tasks

Managing customer enquiries

With a high level of enquiries and form submissions, CouriersPlease staff are assigned cases to handle via the case management feature and are able to create tasks for follow-up actions.

Case Management


Users are able to see a variety of reports of their courses. Courses can be enrolled in, and then taken, from which the result will be a Pass or a Fail with detailed information for the course. A complete breakdown of each answer is provided along with relevant information of where to find applicable information is provided.

CPD Ratings

Each program is CPD rated. CPD ratings display in the course details for each module and a CPD certificate is available to download or print on successful completion of a module.

User Profiles

Upon signing up to the LMS each user is created with a profile within the Campus and is able to update their information or imagery. Their profile shows the certifications they have successfully undertaken and the number of CPD points they have earnt within the prior twelve months.


Each course within the LMS is independently audited by an external agency and provided a CPD rating. Upon successful completion of the course, each user is dynamically created a PDF Certificate which they can save and print if required

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