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Get more sales with our SEO optimised Store Locator App

Insites Locator App
The Insites Store Locator App has been built to drive more enquires and sales for your business. With a laser focus on SEO, conversions and automated notifications, the Insites Store Locator App can give you a 10X better return from your network of locations than other options.

Checklist of Benefits

By using Insites to create database driven content you can publish more, improve SEO, generate revenue and capture leads. All from one place.

Appear in more search results with SEO Optimised Pages for every location

Engage more users with unique content per location

Answer more questions with full details for all locations

Capture more leads with integrated Call to Actions

Easy to navigate content with Map Search, List View, Card View and Detail View

Automate your workflow with API integration to over 2000 other platforms

Insites Locator
Insites Locator
Insites Locator
Insites Locator

List of Features

Insites comes with amazing functionality, right out of the box.

Centralised CRM to record all Contacts

Use Insites' integrated CRM to view contact details for your customers, view their history, add notes and update custom statuses,

Case management for every enquiry

Use the Integrated CRM to turn form submissions into individual cases and assign them to the right person to handle.

List all of your location data in one place

Showcase your network with a rich list view of each location. Include snippets of information like contact details, opening hours and classification.

Location manager interface

Manage all locations through a simple to use interface. Add images, update opening hours or change key contact personal so that your information is always current.

Map search

Customers will quickly find the right location with an auto-fill address search. Map search results can be colour coded for different types of outlet and include a card view of details.

Detail view

The powerhouse of the store locator app! A detail view gives every location a data rich, SEO optimised page that includes integrated contact forms. Instantly grow your online footprint.

Card view

A fully customisable Card View for every location. Let you show a snippet of the key information for a location, add images for personalisation, opening hours and more.


Prove your value to each and every location by directing enquiries to them direct from your store locator app. Include all details captured online so that they can handle the enquiry in minutes.

SEO friendly

Get maximum value from your network. Create unique content that grows your digital footprint. Use keyword rich content and SEO optimised pages to get more visitors to your brand.

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