Create a database driven website to publish your content. Customise everything, add content from anywhere

The Insites platform is built with content at it's core. Create a database driven website that has unlimited article types, a simple to use publishing interface, API integration to document collaboration tools with paid-content baked in.

Checklist of Benefits

By using Insites to create database driven content you can publish more, improve SEO, generate revenue and capture leads. All from one place.

Publish more content, faster with unlimited users, groups and permissions

Supercharge your marketing with integrated contact forms and CRM

Generate revenue from your content with membership-only paid content

Get amazing search rankings with database driven, search optimised website content

Publish content to anywhere with an integration to Zapier and over 2000 other apps

Capture user generated content with secure publishing areas for your users

Insites Databases
Insites Databases
Insites Databases
Insites Databases
Insites Databases

List of Features

Insites comes with amazing functionality, right out of the box.

Unlimited custom databases

You can create as many different databases as you want. Configure the databases to have custom fields, custom input types and options.

User generated content

Capture content from your employees, customers or website visitors. Use our Zapier integration to publish content from anyone across 2,000 different applications

Zapier Integration with over 2000 apps

Insites is integrated with Zapier and over 2,000 other applications. You can trigger events in Zapier based on content being published or publish content from any connected application.

Get started for free

Try Insites for as long as you like with our free Starter plan and free Staging instances. Purchase a Production instance when you are ready to go live.