Talk to your customers in real-time

Live Chat is the fastest way to engage your customers. Website visitors are your customers waiting to talk to you. Reach out to them through live chat.

With our fully featured live chat system we can customise your chat widget to best engage your audience.

Connect with your customers

Give your brand a voice and build meaningful relationships by talking to customers over live chat.

Increase your sales

Increase the chances of high value engagement and more sales by using proactive chat to automatically reach out to customers.

Provide personalised services

Your customers aren't clones. Use advanced analytics and visitor targeting to create a unique experience for each visitor.

No Agents Needed

No software to install or agents to hire. However you can utilise your sales staff if you need.

Fully Customisable

Make every aspect exactly the way you want it to look on your website.

Call Connect

Instantly transfer web visitors to a phone line.

Skill Based Routing

Chats routed to agents best equipped to handle specific customers.

Multiple Agents

Several chat agents can handle chats for your company.

Office Hour Tracking

Chat responses can behave differently based on office hours.

Geo-Mapping and Routing

Chat invites can have custom look-and-feel, messaging and animation.

Mobile Aware

Chat invites and windows sense mobile devices and adjust accordingly.

Flexible Reporting

Visitor, chat and lead reports for deep insight and analytics.


Help those who need it the most. Your website visitors.

Get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction or engage those users who would not normally fill out a contact form.


Analytics & Reporting

We keep track of all the reporting and analytics for you to review whenever and wherever you want. See the number of chat sessions, leads, billable prospects and average chat session duration all within your management dashboard. Chat trends are also covered in the dashboard so you can keep track of peak days, months and seasons.

chat log

Detailed chat log

To ensure that you or your sales staff have all the relevant information when contacting a prospect, you have the full chat transcript along with insightful information like the date, time, location, referring URL and website page the user was on when chatting to the agent.

Make Your Widget Like Your Own

Design your chat widget the way you want. Here is just a selection of how users are customising live chat for their website. Enhance your website and delight your customers by adding a personalised chat widget to your website today.

Let’s get started with Insites Live Chat

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