Customer Relationship Management

The Insites CRM was designed for businesses and ease of use after getting fed up with all of the overly complex and hard to implement CRM solutions in the market.

The Insites CRM has all the amazing features you would expect with many more being constantly added.

Activity Feed

See your team's activity in one simple feed, then drill down to see a specific user's activity.

Contact List

We cater to both B2B and B2C companies with our intuitive interface.

Beautiful Design

Bring your CRM alive with a wealth of company logos, contact images, business cards, activity icons and a styled google maps.


Be social and add relevant social media links to both companies and contacts.


Ensure you don't say something faux pas by adding personal notes to contacts and keep your whole team in the know.

Configurable Status

With our custom configurable status feature, you can set alerts to keep your sales team on track.

Business Cards

Upload your contacts business cards for easy reference.


Currently using a spreadsheet or external CRM? Our import feature makes it easy for you to import all of your contacts into the CRM.

Calendar View

View all of your teams activity in a beautiful calendar format.


Account and Customer Relationship Management

The visual format of the CRM makes it quick and easy to find the right company and/or contact. Or use the form to quickly add a contact to the CRM. The Insites Account and Customer Relationship Management solution ensures that you have the arsenal you need to both obtain and retain your customers.


Live Activity Feed of Customer Interactions

Today’s business moves at a blistering pace. The faster you can get up-to-the-minute information, the better you can outsmart the competition. Insites offers the complete timeline of your interactions with your customer so everyone in the team can stay up to date with the latest conversations.


Rapid Innovation for Growing Businesses

Businesses of all sizes have customers to manage, sales to track and teams to coordinate. Small businesses are no different. As a small business owner you need a CRM solution that is simple to implement and use, yet intelligent and powerful enough to benefit your bottom line and grow with you. With Insites, you’ll never be out of the loop.


Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Send emails and attachments directly to your CRM through our Outlook Plugin. This feature is not only quick and simple, it also keeps your customer information and communication in a single unified place, Keep your sales team or departments up to date with a searchable and visual reference of your companies communications.

mobile app

Insites Mobile App

Take your contacts with you wherever you go with the Insites Mobile App. Ensuring that you have the most up to date contact information and can easily call, send emails, SMS and log activities while on the move.

Let’s get started with Insites CRM

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