Call Tracking

With the Insites Call Tracking service you can now know which website visitors convert into phone calls and analyse a myriad of analytics to hone your marketing channels.

Track your advertising and marketing performance across any channel, anywhere, all the time with greater transparency. Get more customers at a lower CPA.

PCC Analytics

Call Tracking pulls in the network's data from Google and Bing to enrich the portal with campaign, adgroup and keyword data as well as impressions, clicks and PPC cost information.

Conversion Attributions

Attribution is the way we allocate the cost of a sale against the various touchpoints of a customer’s journey. Our system gives you visibility of these highly valuable interactions and identifies the value of these otherwise undervalued touchpoints.

Call Recording

Our system automatically records all of your calls both inbound and outbound. You can use these to ensure that your team have the right approach to customer services and sales maximizing your customer satisfaction levels and close rates.

Call Outcome

At the end of the call, the staff member will be prompted to answer questions regarding the call outcome i.e. sale, product ID, appointment set. If the call resulted in a sale the staff member can enter the exact dollar amount.

Dynamic Routing

Calls handled by the Insites platform can be directed to a single answer point or to any of pre-nominated answer points depending on a number of criteria (Complex routing).

Email Notifications

Any calls along with the details of that call are logged within the portal and email notification sent to relevant people. This provides you with an opportunity to listen and take immediate action on any call.

Click to Connect

Give your web visitors the ability to make a FREE and immediate call to you. This allows you to immediately assist them while they are still a hot prospect. Visitors simply type in their phone number and click the 'Call Me' button. Within a few seconds, their phone rings and they are connected directly to your company.


Real-time Reports and Analytics

Take greater control of your business with our real time call tracking solution. Tracking every inbound/outbound call will enable you to make better informed decisions, easily evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaigns plus deliver real time business intelligence on internal systems and processes.


Location based reports

Today’s business moves at a blistering pace. The faster you can get up-to-the-minute information, the better you can outsmart the competition. Insites offers powerful geographical reporting tools so you know when and where your calls are coming from. Get in-depth, actionable information on how your marketing is performing across the state or globe.

call records

Detailed Call Log and Call Recordings

Call Recording is a great tool for almost every business and with our cloud based solution it’s easy too. With no hardware or software to install you access the recordings for every call with a click of a button. You can monitor and sharpen your team's call-handling techniques, review caller feedback relating to ad content or re-contact mishandled callers and attempt to convert them.


Instant Missed Call Notifications

Any unanswered calls along with the details of that call are logged in real time within the portal. This provides you with an opportunity to take immediate action before the sales lead goes cold to return any missed calls. PLUS you and or multiple members of staff can receive instant notifications by email or SMS.

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