Supercharge and unify your Local Area Marketing campaigns

LAMP allows multi-location companies /f ranchises / associations to streamline their marketing campaigns into a central hub.

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Allow your network to order bespoke digital marketing campaigns through a unified platform. All while monitoring the performance of each single campaign or roll up reporting across regions.

Save Time

The automated nature of the portal helps you reduce processing time, and helps you free up your time to work more on valuable tasks.

Less Mistakes

LAMP provides consistency across all collateral, minimising human errors and ensuring compliance with your brand guidelines.

Accurate Outcome

It allows for a standardised workflow resulting in an efficient and accurate outcome. Say goodbye to complex processes.


All of your local area marketing campaigns in one place

Use the buying power of your network to reduce agency management costs while ensuring full flexibility.

Each location can customise their LAM campaigns

Head Office approval and oversight on all campaigns

Add custom campaign types and options


Integrated Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to store all of your collateral

Stay on brand and adhere to your CI by staying organised.

Fast, searchable and categorised

Asset tagging and approval processes

Reduce the risk of legal penalties from using unlicensed, unapproved, or expired assets


View campaign performance with ease

Detailed reporting on every campaign to keep you in the know and informed.

Reporting for head office and individual locations

Roll up reporting to view analytics across regions

Email notifications of campaigns at all stages

Unify your network with a custom Local Area Marketing Portal

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