Train & educate your clients and staff through dynamic courses in a LMS

Create a wide variety of exams, surveys, checklists and video courses tailored to your business with full control over the design and user experience.

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The Hexagon LMS has all the amazing features you would expect from a leading Learning Management System.


Instantly view and track the engagement and progression of your students

Single Sign-On

Integrate with your corporate authentication service or provider to make logging in a breeze

Email Notification

Receive notifications for courses that you take or staff / clients that you are responsible for.

Global Answer Change

Mistakes happen, but when they are in a LMS they are ugly. We have you covered with options to correct incorrect answer.

Drag & Drop Question Types

Craft highly engaging courses for your users with image and text based drag and drop questions.

File Management

Conveniently store and manage all of your course assets, media and images through the clean and modern admin.

Course & student management

Course & student management with reporting

You can easily manage all of your students and courses through the beautiful and intuitive interface. See how many students are participating in your courses, enroll students to specific courses or check the results of a particular course. You can even export the reports to share and analyse in further detail.

Add, edit and archive courses and students

Export reports for further sharing and analysis

Create an unlimited number of courses

Segment your users for full access control

rich media & video

Highly engaging courses with rich media and videos

With the power of video, you can create a highly engaging course where students can watch the video and then answers the questions to complete the exam. You can ensure each student watches and learns from the video by enabling the 'random question' and 'must watch complete video' features.

Wistia video integration


Customisable course and answer types

Choose from a variety of question and course types. Options include Exams, Surveys, Checklists and Video courses with possible response types of single choice, multiple choice, drag and drop or true/false. The clean and modern UI makes it quick and easy to set up and manage courses.

Wide variety of course types

Create highly specific and engaging courses

Turn events and webinars into video courses

Custom every part of the UI to your needs

simple user interface

A powerful system with a simple to use interface

The Hexagon LMS offers a large range of features for you to tailor your courses for each individual application. You remain in complete control over your students experience.

Pass rate

Time limit

Question randomiser

Course availability timeframe

Question pooling

Pausable exams

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