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Local Area Marketing Software

Engaging and training a large workforce that spans multiple locations is a significant challenge. If you are a HR or Operations manager in charge with ensuring employees are up to date with the latest procedures, practices and information, we can help you create Custom Learning Management Software that integrates into your workflow.

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A Custom LMS Solution that you can build on

We have built Hexegon LMS to help you fast track the development of a Custom Learning Mangement Solution. It gives you `out of the box` functionality and is fully customisable for your business:

Multi-level permissions and access controls

Multiple course types including Survey, Exam, Coursware, Video and Quiz

Certification and Reporting

Single Sign

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For a fixed cost licence fee, you get access to the core functionality that you need without the high cost. You can then customise to meet your business needs, including custom branding, multi-brand, API integrations, custom course types.


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Customer Relationship Management System

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Content Management System

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Insurance Management Software

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Automotive Dealership Marketing Software

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Custom Learning Mangement Software

Engaging and training a large workforce that spans multiple locations is a significant challenge

Local Area Marketing Software

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