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With the Insites Platform powering your website, it is easy to add a company team page that integrates seamlessly to your product, services or content pages. Increase conversions by showing the credentials and contact details right person, in the right place.

Benefits of Insites

By using Insites to create your company team page, you can showcase your team's skills, engage more visitors and generate more leads.

Generate more leads by adding relevant team members to website pages

Build trust with customers with by showcasing team members education, experience and skills

Speed up response times by directing enquires to the right people, every time

Keep data up to date with an easy to use interface

Boost search rank visibility with a unique page per team member

Record all enquiries with integrated CRM and Case Management

Company Team Page

Used by

Many different roles and industries used Insites to create company team pages. Here are just a few that we have helped.


Financial & Legal Practices

Health, Dental & Allied Health

Real Estate

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National Dental Care

List of Features

Insites comes with amazing functionality, right out of the box.

Customisable Attributes

Pre-configured with the common attributes that most companies need. To create your company team page, you can use these attributes, modify them or start completely from scratch

Content Publishing Interface

Insites has a built in, intuitive interface for creating and editing team members. Each attribute can be made mandatory or input options limited to further assist administrators

List view of all team members

Showcase all of your team members in one place. The list view will dynamically update as you add more team members or it can be limited to a subset of your team

Detail view for each team member

Give each team member a public profile to showcase their skills and expertise. You can include as much information as you want from the employee database, add social links and individual contact forms

Link individuals to content

Dynamically embed team member profiles into content on website pages or inside your application. Include link to their full profile or just a preview of the relevant information

Group individuals into teams

Create teams so that you can search and filter team members in the right way. Use this to filter content on your website or application to help users find out who to contact

Full contact details for team

You can choose to include all contact details for your team members. This can be email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and social profiles

Integrated contact forms

Add contact forms to your content that will dynamically route enquiries to the right person

Integrated CRM

Track every lead using Insites integrated CRM. A contact and full chain of events is created for every form that is submitted

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